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Even Hold was created with care-based touch and community in mind. It is where individuals can come to relax, soften, and release through therapeutic bodywork and full-spectrum pregnancy care. 

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Soften & Release



"Wonderful! It hurt so good! I've had two sessions with Daire so far and can't wait for the next. Daire's knowledge and passion for massage is brilliant. They are also a great communicator and create a very nurturing and tranquil atmosphere. After both sessions, I felt completely blissed out. I can't wait for the next session!"


"Daire has hands of healing! I felt so relaxed while being guided through a much needed massage. They are always so intuitive and know just what your body needs."



After my appointment with Daire, I blocked an alley while parking and in the morning I found my truck had been towed. I'm not blaming them - what I mean is, I was relaxed. Daire has an amazing touch and knows how to gently guide attention to the body. They made me feel comfortable to ask for what I wanted and I will happily return to them for bodywork in the future. 

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