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Full-Spectrum Pregnancy Support

What does "full-spectrum" mean? The term full-spectrum is used to describe care-taking work that focuses on any and all pregnancy outcomes. This term comes from a radical approach to doula / support work, with the awareness that our experiences and needs vary and that they are all deserving of space and support.


Possible pregnancy outcomes include, but are not limited to: birth, abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption, and surrogacy. The types of support that full spectrum doulas offer is emotional, physical, spiritual, and logistical support, to make the people involved in this pregnancy feel as educated, advocated for, and cared for. Care can be provided prenatally, before, during, and after procedures, postpartum, and in hospitals, birth centers, clinics, and homes.

There is no limit to the scope of care!

As your care-provider, I pull on my knowledge from experience and trainings. I can be present with you at any state of your pregnancy, offering support to you and your partner(s). As your care-taker, though, my main focus is on you and your needs.

My services vary in duration, type, and cost based on the type(s) of support that are needed for a pregnancy. Contact me for a consult and we can decide together what feels best!

* I am aware of the weight that the term "doula" holds for individuals. Feel free to refer to me as a pregnancy support person, or use any other term if that feels safer and more inclusive for your history and lived experience.

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Types of Pregnancy Support Services Offered



The postpartum period is life after pregnancy (no matter the outcome). I will help you ease into the transition of the postpartum period, working with you and your support system. Our time together can look like: emotional and physical support, cooking nourishing foods for the postpartum body, chestfeeding support, light housekeeping and errands, connection with local resources, processing pregnancy and birth stories, newborn care assistance, education on infant care and child development, and more.


Rate is $35/hour with a need-based sliding scale available. 

Abortion / Miscarriage

Available over the phone or in person.

Abortion support can look logistical support with your appointment and figuring out funding if needed, making a care plan, processing your abortion or miscarriage story, creating an abortion or miscarriage care package. 

Rate is $30/hour with a need-based sliding scale available. 

Prenatal + Birth Support

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time filled with endless questions. Our time together will be spent going over all of your options for labor and delivery, making a birth plan, practicing physical support for labor, preparing for postpartum, education on infant care, pregnancy meal planning, and more. 

Rate is $1,000-$1,400 with a need-based sliding scale and payment plan available.

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